Right, What's All This "TuxOtaku" Nonsense Then?

A lot of people whom I talk to online ask me what my chosen ‘nom de plume’ of sorts actually means.

This requires that you break the name into two parts:

Tux: as in Tux The Penguin, the cute little guy below.

Tux is the mascot and de facto logo for the Linux Operating System and Kernel.

Otaku: For those of you who are anime-literate, this term may have a negative connotation, as it gets attached to people who are anime fanatics to extreme (some times anti-social) degree. The actual meaning of Otaku, to my understanding, is simply that it is a japanese slang term for “nerd” or “geek”.

So, boiling it down, my name simply means LinuxNerd or LinuxGeek, and that’s just what I am.